A MalvernTrail photo album © copyright by John Howes. Please contact us if you wish to re-use any of these photos. Thanks.

We’d welcome any fungi identification info for these photos. And please note we make no claims for accuracy where we have identified the pics – don’t use them as a picking guide! (Please note – gallery will not work in AMP mode.)

For fungi id websites, try First Nature, or Wild Mushrooms Online, for fungi foraging.

Our main book reference is Collins Gem Mushrooms and Toadstools (link to Amazon.co.uk) – a useful pocket guide. Another book: Collins Wild Guide: Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe illustrated guide to 240 species.

We learn from the Herefordshire Festival of Fungi website (no longer available) that the first known scientific meeting to study fungi was “a foray amongst the funguses” by the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club of Hereford, in 1868, in Holme Lacy deer park. Fungi Forays is also the name of two-day breaks based in the wonderful Elan Valley in mid-Wales – useful web site too.

Other Fungi (aka mycology) specialist web pages: Tom Volk’s Fungi (from an American University professor).

There’s also a second page of Fungi photos. Other photo albums too.

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