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MalvernTrail is a web site put together by John Howes. He moved to Malvern (Worcestershire, UK) in 2001 after many years involvement in community and voluntary action in London. A founder member of London Cycling Campaign, he was their rides organiser for seven years and the longest serving crew member for Bicycle Beano cycling holidays. He hopes to attract a wide range of people to cycling, walking and appreciating the local environment.

Connected websites and a round-up of selected individuals with the same name now feature on personal website johnhowes.uk (along with some archive images).

Copyright and disclaimer

All material on this website is copyright of John Howes, unless otherwise stated. Please get in touch if you wish to re-use any of it, especially photos. A note of any web links to MalvernTrail that you create would also be appreciated. Thanks.

Disclaimer: All content is provided in good faith and is usually checked for accuracy at time of production. However, things change and we can give no warranties.

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We’d be happy to have comments and suggestions on places to visit, good cycle or walking routes in the area, etc. Please use the contact form.

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Adding events, news

Our Events section is for the community in the Malvern area, as well as those visiting. It covers a personal selection of activities across the wider Malvern area (including Ledbury), plus a selection of more significant ones a little further afield. We welcome submissions of possible events to include, at the editor’s discretion.

The occasional news item will appear when something catches the eye, for site updates, and sometimes even news on new coffee stops or major happenings locally. You can send in suggestions for coverage, but no promises!

We reserve the right to edit entries, for consistency, accuracy etc. and not to carry items we consider inappropriate or offensive. Sorry, we cannot take responsibility for any accidental errors or omissions.


Advertising placements on MalvernTrail via Google’s AdSense has ended, October 2023. There may still be the odd link through to books available on Amazon – earning us referral fees via the Amazon Europe S.à r.l. Associates Programme – but these are gradually being removed.

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“Suggestions for following in (Elgar’s) tyre-tracks are available at the excellent website www.malverntrail.co.uk”. Simon Calder, The Independent online travel section, 23 March 2002.

“A good web-based link to the area, with loads of route and local info” Cycling Plus, February 2004.

No, not that Malvern ….

Malvern, Victoria, Australia (eastern suburb of Melbourne – where Malvern Star bicycle company started). We’ve also been told that there is a Malvern suburb of Adelaide, South Australia.

Malvern County, now absorbed into Selwyn District, South Island, New Zealand.

Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA.

Malvern, Arkansas, USA. “Brick capitol of the world”!

Nor Malvern in Iowa or Ohio, USA.

Apparently there are other Malverns in Jamaica, Canada (neighbourhood of Toronto) and South Africa (suburb of Johannesburg).