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Looking south from Worcester Beacon


News pics, old and new

© Pics by John Howes

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Well Dressing 02/03; MayDay 02; Photo Album menu.

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Cold snap 12th March 04
Making the most of slippery slopes Whose turn? In black and white
St Anns Clean tables


Big Apple 03

Perry pressing, Gregg's Pit

Perry making at Gregg's Pit. Spreading the pear pulp on the hair, to create the 'cheese'.

Cheese drip

Juice dripping before pressing the cheese, Gregg's Pit.

Cider pressing, Lyne Down

Cheese pressing at Lyne Down. Very red apples!

See Gregg's Pit web site, under Making, for an explanation of the process, cheese etc. Also see our Cider Trail page.

2003 General
Three Counties Spring Garden Show 2003
Silver Gilt for this show garden (by Ledbury designers), at Spring Garden Show, Three Counties Showground, 2003.
Sculpture in the Wild, Eastnor Castle
Sculpture in the Wild 2, July 03 at Eastnor Castle grounds. Display no more in vain the lofty banner by Ralph Brown.


Fire over Malvern, 21st March 03
Fire over malvern
Fire over Malvern
Keepign it under control
Under control
After - towards the town
Post fire.jpg
After - see above
Compare with above
Black bush
Black bush
Clear slope
Clear slope
Signs of life in teh ashes
Signs of life (27th)