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Looking south from Worcester Beacon

Butterflies - Grayling

on the Malverns

© Pics by John Howes

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The grayling is most commonly found in Britain on the coast. The Malvern Hills has a seemingly isolated population. See more information about local butterflies.

On the Hills

Grayling on rock

On rock

Grayling on grass

On grass

Garyling, half-raised wing

With half-raised wing. Not sure why.

From above

From above

Searching for an egg site

Almost certainly females observed walking around on rock outcrop (with raised wing) to find egg laying spot (6/8/06).

Shoulder and shadow

Shadow on a shoulder

Possible Grayling

Grayling on path up from North Quarry car park - almost my first butterfly survey sighting.

Please contact us if you wish to re-use any of these photos (copyright J Howes). Thanks.